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Teresa Stankiewicz

Eclectic is the best way to describe me. I am a playwright, novelist, dramaturg, and poet. I have been an actor, dancer, choreographer, director, artistic director, and producer. My day jobs have included: waitress, bookkeeper, consultant, educator, software developer, systems analyst, tech writer, director of consulting services, director of regional quality assurance; and PPQA (product and process quality assurance) lead. I have a PhD in Theatre and Performance studies from the University of Missouri, an MA in Theatre with an emphasis in playwriting from Texas State University, an MFA in Dance from the University of Illinois, a BLS from St. Edward's University and an AA in computer programming from MATA College. I am certified as a hatha yoga instructor from Yoga House and as a software project manager (SWPM) from the Software Quality Institute (SQI).


I started writing as a child and I won a poetry contest that my mother had me enter. As an award winning choreographer I was artistic director for the Tobias Dance Company for ten years. My plays have been produced in FronteraFest, Austin, TX; the Vestige Group, Austin, TX; and the Mizzou New Play Series. My articles have been published in the Journal of Research on Women and Gender, LMDA University Caucus SourceBook, Routledge Companion to Dramaturgy, Software Quality Matters, Cause/Effect, and  On Campus. I have been a dramaturg for the Black and Latino Playwrights Festival, William Woods University, the University of Missouri, Theatre NXS, and the ATHE conference. I have served as reader for new play competitions such as the Dramatists Guild Texas Playwrights Festival, Jane Chambers Award, Austin Film Festival and the ATHE conference.

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Eclectic: selecting or choosing from a broad and diverse range of sources, not following any one system but studying and learning from many forms to use what works best for me.