Hello, my name is Teresa Stankiewicz and I am eclectic.

I write. I write plays, poetry, articles and stories. Throughout my life and career I have been transitional, a chameleon, an all-encompassing woman.

In my journey I have worked as a file clerk, software developer, project manager, quality assurance director, web page designer, and more. I have also been a professor, director, producer, choreographer, dancer and actor. I experiment, I explore, I revel in curiosity and analysis. I am dragon. I am eclectic. I will listen.

About Me


  • selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles

  • one who uses a method or approach that is composed of elements drawn from various sources


PhD Theatre and Performance Studies / University of Missouri

MA Theatre - Playwriting / Texas State University

MFA Dance - Modern Dance / University of Illinois

BLS - St. Edward's University

AA - Computer Programming / MATA College


SWPM - Software Development Project Manager - Software Quality Institute

Hatha Yoga Instructor - Yoga House