Get Up!

Discussion of Week Four challenge from The Artist's Way.


5/9/20241 min read

woman in white dress jumping
woman in white dress jumping

May 08 2024

I gotta say last week's challenge was rough. In week four of The Artist's Way, she challenges you to not read for a week. She admits it will be difficult. She was not kidding. Talk about rebellion. I did not want to do it. I know I read a lot. I think it's a plus. But I followed her challenge and did not read one single novel. I usually read one per day. It was hard. So, what did I do? I read other things. I didn't realize how much I read that is not a novel. I read the news. I read instructions. I read social media. I read emails. I read snail mail (I hear the Post Office hates that term!). I read notes. Huh.

I had no idea that I read so much in one day, every single day. Then I began to see her point. How often do I use that as procrastination? A lot. I use that excuse a lot. She is right. I got a lot done last week. Other things that I put off as 'not important right now'. Mending clothes. I bought two fancy jackets at the thrift store because they were only $1. I mean, how could I pass up such a bargain? There's nothing wrong with them except one was missing a button on the front and the other had buttons on the sleeve that were worn out and dull looking. I replaced those with new buttons. I cleaned the deck furniture cushions. I played in the yard, the garden and the greenhouse. I danced to music in the kitchen. I did a lot of things I don't normally do.

All because I didn't read.

What that taught me is to get up off my butt, off the couch, stop typing, stop reading and get stuff done! It helps mentally, emotionally and physically. I feel better. I think better. I write better.

Get up. Stop reading for one week. Try it. You'll be amazed.