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3/14/20232 min read

Hello, my name is Teresa Stankiewicz and I’m a writer. I write plays, articles, poetry, and stories. Since I’m a writer I decided to start a blog, not about writing but about other things. Musings. This is my first post. I also write a bit of music and songs. I’m not very good at notating music though. I can read it and play an instrument, it’s just that I find it hard to write down. So, I record it. I'm interested in aging gracefully, theatre, dance, life, love and laughter.

I am a mother, wife, friend, and neighbor. I look out over the water every day and for that I am grateful. In my past I have been a theatre practitioner (you name it, I’ve done it), dance artist, professor, and Information Technology geek. That’s how I made money, I mean people pay you to program computers, they don’t pay you to produce art. Weird. We talk about that all the time, but we haven’t been able to change it here in the United States.

I’ve also been researching my ancestry. Boy, that can get addictive. Have you tried it? I found out a lot of interesting stories about my folks. Some of those stories got a little twisted in the telling, now that I’ve done a bit of sleuthing, I see that the truth might have been stretched. It’s funny how people reinvent their own history all the time. Write down everything grandma says, then go look stuff up. It’s fun!

Writing by hand in a journal.
Writing by hand in a journal.

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