Lullabies and Lies

Oberfhurer Klausner brings his young paramour to Friesland to give birth to his baby. His wife is unable to conceive and with the Lebensborn program he intends to adopt his child by Anka. Anka meets other women eager and some not so eager to give birth to the next Aryan soldier. All is not as it seems in the house at Friesland.

Mama’s Kitchen

A brief glimpse into the lives of a mother and her two daughters, who overcome hardship through love and laughter. Commissioned for a staged reading for Evening with Toi Derricotte, University of Missouri 2012. Bread on the Water: the memoirs of Antonia Baquet.

No Life for Angels

Glenda Lynn Peu is a warm-hearted country girl who can't catch a break. Down on her luck she works at a diner while trying to get back on her feet. It's a comical romp of misfortunes with an upbeat ending of a blunder that turns into a piece of good luck. (Currently being rewritten as a musical)


This play juxtaposes modern travails of Native peoples with what happened to many in the past when Native children were sent to schools to rid them of their Native culture. Inspired by Zitkala-Sa who was a Sioux writer, editor, musician, teacher and political activist. She was one of the first Native writers whose stories had a widespread white readership. (1876 – 1938)

Split Branches of the Terebinth

Three women each tell their story of marrying a man who is called to serve God. While their journeys are very different, they are also uncannily similar. All three women share their faith, betrayal and recovery with humor and sadness in this story of split terebinth branches.

Tuesday Salons

An evening with 3 scandalous women who defied the norm and practiced art on their own terms: Rachilde, a playwright, novelist and editor. She was well known for her Tuesday Salons. (1860 - 1953) George Sands, wrote poetry, novels, plays, political essays and literary critique. In 1848 she started her own newspaper to publish more of her political commentary. (1804 - 1876) Sarah Bernhardt, was perhaps the greatest actress who ever lived. She played many roles including Hamlet and played in some of George Sands plays. She also attended Rachilde's salons as both were very active in theatre during the same time, one as an actor and one as a playwright and patron. (1844 - 1923)

Two Falling Voices

A modern day interview with Mary Jemison (1743 – 1833) whose captivity story was one of the most in-depth and sympathetic to Native Americans. She in fact, chose to stay with her adopted nation, the Seneca, when she became an adult.

One Acts

One Acts are short plays, typically 20 - 30 minutes.

selective focus photo of boy standing on grey pavement
selective focus photo of boy standing on grey pavement

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