Women's Reproductive Rights

A discourse on abortion.


3/29/20231 min read

a crowd of people outside a building
a crowd of people outside a building

Let’s talk about abortion and women’s reproductive rights. First and foremost the government should stay out of women’s reproductive systems. It’s not a government issue. The laws governing birth rights and reproductive choices or the lack thereof stem from the patriarchal thought that women and children are property, commodities owned by men. If we believe that all people are equal then all those laws need to be stricken. Secondly, make reproductive education a priority and give men and women access to birth control that works. Then we, as a society, should support women who don’t have jobs to be able to support their children or the education to get better jobs. We need to provide affordable child care for these women so they can pursue education and work. We, as a society and a culture, need to provide safe, healthy and affordable environments for all pregnant women regardless of their ‘circumstances’ so they have real choices. The people who speak the loudest against abortion and who want to make it illegal are the very people who do not offer viable alternatives, healthcare for pregnant women and their infants, and who pass judgement against a woman who becomes pregnant outside of their parameters for acceptance. Making abortion illegal does not stop abortion. If you truly want to stop abortions create a world where having an abortion would be a last case scenario, a world where all lives matter and health care is given to the women who are birthing children, with care given to all children who are born regardless of their parental situation.